John Hagee: Teachings on the AntiChrist

What John Hagee says about the Antichrist. I hope you watch Hagee’s trailer on his book “In defense of Israel” as it is a real eye opener. Hagee in one of th…

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  1. Chaplain Bob Walker B. Th. says

    WOW You have studied. Yiddish is a made up language with as much a link to Hebrew as Chinese. Hagee is a shrill for the NWO and the rebuilding of the temple and the coming antichrist – IMO.

    Hagee uses Zionist and Jew interchangably. Strange how many true Torah observant Jews who keep sabbath are not zionists and fight the atheistic political movement it is. Zionists call them “self hating Jews” and call us “antisemites” and I am convinced God shall let Satan give them their “Messiah” and temple

  2. faithinChristJesus12 says

    oh ok- got it Just recently have been listening to Pastor Stadsklev ( old cassett tapes) and the rigteousness and the annointing conviction to turn to God to turn to the word- is so powerful.I dont agree w/ a few things but was reading the Gospel of Luke and noticed in 1:3 that Luke said having had perfect understanding of all things from the very first No wonder God chose him to be an Apostle and to write also concerning the book of Acts Today I do believe like no oher time we are being > cont

  3. faithinChristJesus12 says

    cont.>Today I do believe like no other time we are being moved by the Holy Spirit to prepare to meet our God. The lively stones ( made without hands- ) like as Solomons temple were prepared before the temple was built. We are the temple. There is no sound of the hammer on us stones, but the working of the Holy Spirit is going on nevertheless , IF WE ALLOW HIM to work in and through us.

  4. Chaplain Bob Walker B. Th. says

    I agree – most pre tribbers are gonna be surprised….

    churches are full of unsaved people. say a 30 second sinners prayer and you are “saved” the billy graham formula.

  5. faithinChristJesus12 says

    yessireeeeBob!! ha- But there will be wailing and weeping when all eyes see Him come with clouds Re 1:7 Zec 12:11 we are gonna mourn greatly Lev.23:24-34 Theres the trumpets theres the 7th month then there is Tabernacles (fall time)So in the 7th month-brought the ark up to Solomons temple-after it was built ( talk about trumpets! 120 -II Chron. 5:13 ) 120 in the upper room- birth of the church with Holy Spirit fire
    and in the 7th month when worship was restored ( took about 100 yrs> cont.

  6. faithinChristJesus12 says

    cont>Zerubbbabel, Ezra, Neamiah) they kept the feast of Tabern Realtime history: Oct.31 Martin Luther started reformation about 500 yrs ago Wales revival breaks out about 100 yrs ago we are do for a last great end time revival- and of course satan will (IS) fighting us tooth and nail. And only a remnant to return to the God of our fathers ( like Ezra but we must repair the walls, rebuild the altar ( prayer, turning from our sinful ways- seeking Christ. It will take the death of the self life

  7. Chaplain Bob Walker B. Th. says

    The number seven (7) does come up many times in the Bible.
    Numbers (not the book) in the Bible makes an intersting study

  8. Chaplain Bob Walker B. Th. says

    WOW so very true. Most love their sin too much to give their lives to Christ.

    and the King James Bible was 400 years ago.

  9. faithinChristJesus12 says

    400 means page after page of history and revelation- and of course I only know a little bit- but that little bit is enough to see God moves every 400 years ( satan knows and has his heyday too- but he will soon be judged)
    400 yrs. in bondage to Egypt – symbolic of years of trial, price paid, and opposition before deliverance & receiving the promise. It will be 400 yrs. in 2020 for USA ( 1620- our beginnings through Pilgrims) the bible just celebrated its 400th yr, ect, ect- and on and on….

  10. Chaplain Bob Walker B. Th. says

    Interesting point….

    The Geneva Bible was the Bible of the Pilgrims and was about 50 years earlier than the KJV. They brought it over on the Mayflower

  11. faithinChristJesus12 says

    Thinking that the Geneva Bible had rather strong footnotes concerning the Papacy ? But the same (Traditional or Received Text). The thirteen colonies in the beginning would not let a Jew or a Catholic hold public office.

  12. María Mary Miriam says

    … my guess is that the “true Torah” observant are not all that humble they should be, and also maybe more afraid of their own commandments because they are not able to get the loving part from GOD´s Law they shadowed by their traditions, so they don´t know much about GOD´s mercy. And what can I say about the Zionists… they sure know how to use the religious leaders to serve their political doctrine agenda as the Kenites help them with their false interpretations of GOD´s Word.

  13. Chaplain Bob Walker B. Th. says

    Sad but true…

    churches putting up xmass tree’s in december (Jeremiah 10) does not help win over the Jews either.

    churches are political tools of the NWO also

  14. Chaplain Bob Walker B. Th. says

    matter of fact there was a vote to not allow Jews into the USA at all and it failed by one vote.

  15. María Mary Miriam says

    I know what tradictions can do, blind guiding the blind… What about “Easter”? … the bunny (quicky) and the fertility eggs! … where does that fit in with The Passover?!. How can you win over anyone with that?… where is the faith in that tradition? what does it have to do with Jesus Christ? how can it guide you to sound doctrine?. No wonder so many think they are going to fly away to save their souls while eating “bread” from the wrong source Proverbs 23:1-7

  16. María Mary Miriam says

    1 Peter 4:17 For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?.

    How many “teachers” know what the gospel of GOD is about?. I think people just believe that because they claim to be “christians” they don´t have to prove such faith … so anything goes… even if they make up their own Jesus.

  17. Chaplain Bob Walker B. Th. says

    That is what happens when one strays from the Bible and gets into tradition

    Jesus condemned the Pharisees for traditions…

    Personally I believe many “pastors” work for the other “guy”

  18. jimmy smith says

    fascinating. i was not aware of the noahide being signed by reagan. that asshat hagee has smelled like sulphur water for so long, i cant believe he is still at it. started “selling” nonfiction books on the early church years ago. a complete joke. now he has a son peddling stuff. i wonder what really goes on in san antonio? thanks for posting.

  19. Chaplain Bob Walker B. Th. says

    Hagee was one of my favorite pastors to listen to at one time about 10 or so years ago. Do I need to wonder who does he really work for….???

    Jesus warned of a great falling away. Would John the Baptist be welcome in our modern “churches”…I think not

  20. jimmy smith says

    by the way i served air force, chaplaincy service, just an airman though, at edwards ca.. keep up the good work..

  21. Chaplain Bob Walker B. Th. says

    Thanks for your service – I was Army during the end of the Vietnam thing. I did nothing worthwhile then

    Pro 29:2 When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

    It is a shame the evil ones have taken over most everything for their benefit. The one’s on the bottom suffer for it.

    I did memorial services at the VA Cemetery as a volunteer and would preach Christ to the family. Look up the links listed and see pix of Reagan with Rabbi